Monday, May 7, 2007


The spring ground returns to life and yearning for the great outdoors tingles. Sitting on the couch it seems no idea is better than rushing off to wild nature.

In the city you don't rush anywhere. On Saturday morning the streets are coagulated with slow moving trucks and buses, furiously honking yuppies, unaware cyclist and cars, cars, cars. You either become a bhuddha or a raving lunatic, or both. Either way, you get were you're going, whole foods for us.

Feeling like inspired (or insipid) yuppies we combed the aisles for free cheese, which I popped in my mouth like a bum off the street, goat cheese to take home, crusty bread suitable for a picnic, fruit, meat, frou frou drinks. We got it all. Yes I'm going to admit right now that I like something about shopping there. I don't want to because I think I shouldn't But F*ck I've got to stop riding the guilt train and start riding the all American glory train. That's another post.

Anyway we soon rushed up the raging river of concrete, I love, the Kennedy for a date with the Chain O' Lakes. And Picnic.

Yes we arrived ravenous and ravenously we tore that bread, chopped that canteloupe, attacked the cheese and mauled the meat. Or I did. Noel's a dainty little philly who finds all that manly type A approach to eating unseemly at best. So she nibbled, I munched, and we both ended up happy.


Anonymous said...

AWWWW!! And the baby was happy too! But how can I listen to this sickeningly sweet picture of happiness for you three without smiling (and wretching). I know enough already, but I am glad you two are so happy.

Love love,
you know who

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